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The Children’s Heart Foundation Texas Chapter is on a search for additional members for our Board of Directors. We are currently accepting applications for most positions.

Immediate Openings:

Donor Relations Coordinator
Board Member**

These positions have terms ending May 31, 2019. Application can be found here.

*Executive Board Position       **Non-Voting Member


Medical Advisory Board Coordinator
Responsible for duties regarding recruiting, involving, and communicating with the Medical Advisory Board (MAB).

Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the Executive Board to recruit and screen applicants
  • Communication with Medical Advisory Board on a quarterly basis
  • Inspiring MAB involvement in fundraising and volunteering
  • Working with MAB on communicating and marketing CHF grant opportunities
  • Working closely with the Social Media Coordinator and Webmaster to showcase members of the MAB
  • Work with MAB to spread word about CHF
  • May include managing a team of people to help recruit throughout Texas Expected time commitment is about 15 hours per month.

Houston Volunteer Coordinator
Responsible for coordination of volunteer recruitment, training, communication and appreciation.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with Event Chairs to ensure proper planning, scheduling, and execution of volunteer plan for event
  • Quarterly communication with all interested volunteers via email or phone
  • Recruiting and inspiring volunteers in fundraising, event planning, and event execution
  • Ensuring all volunteers are entered into DonorPerfect
  • Find ways to show appreciation to volunteers and to keep them motivated
  • Work closely on with the Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator to showcase active volunteers
  • Find webinars and training seminars the Board of Directors or other volunteers could attend to help benefit CHF TX.
  • Needs to be extremely organized, a team player, and have very good communication skills. CHF TX can have up to 15 events across the state in one month in need of volunteers.
  • Expected time commitment is about 10-15 hours per week

Donor Relations Coordinator
Responsible for obtaining and communication with Donors. Following through with Chapter marketing opportunities offered to donors for Chapter Sponsorship.

Responsibilities include:

  • Obtaining and communicating with donors
  • Sending Thank You letters/Recognizing donors
  • Donor related mailings (CHD Awareness, End of Year Campaign, Fundraisers)
  • Record Donor Information into Donor Perfect (Donor tracking software)
  • Assist with Sponsorship package updates
  • Working closely with the Treasurer, Webmaster, Social Media Coordinator and Event Coordinators to ensure chapter marketing commitments to sponsors and donors are upheld (such as updating the Sponsorship page on the website, logo placement at events, inclusion the e-newsletter, etc.)
  • Working closely with the Treasurer and President to complete Annual Report for the Board Retreat
  • Working closely with the Social Media Coordinator and Webmaster to have feature pieces on top donors

Board Member Positions (Non-Voting)

  • Assists other board members as needed
  • Chairs one fundraiser event per year
  • Assumes all specific committee/job responsibilities as discussed with and assigned by the President


Download the Board Member application here

Length of Term is 2 years. Interviews will be conducted by the CHF TX Nomination Committee.

Please email your completed application or send nominations to us at

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